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Alan Web site Pic.JPGIntroducing Art on Leather

An unusual art form with unique and truly lifelike effects !

I have been producing a variety of leather oriented projects for over thirty years but the production of Art on Leather works has become a special interest of mine.

What is Art on Leather?  This art form incorporates the use of thick cowhide leather whereby the subject of the work is carved and modelled into the leather to provide a permanent three dimensional aspect to the subject - much like what one would see on a coin or medallion.

All my works are produced on the finest quality imported cowhide leather.  The subject is drawn onto damp leather and the background around it is bevelled down to actually create the sense of depth between the subject and the background.

 In a method that is similar to that used by a sculptor the details of the subject (even the very finest) are modelled into the still damp leather. The work is completed by colouring it utilizing the finest quality acrylic paints for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Art is essentially a visual experience. With the Art - on - Leather concept this means that, quite uniquely, an additional human sense is brought into the enjoyment of the works, ie, that of touch.  The viewer can actually feel all the fine details such as, in the case of a motor car, the wheels, the headlights, even the tread on the tyres etc, of each piece.

I specialize in iconic motor cars  and African wildlife and as  far as I am aware I am the only artist producing these type of works on leather in South Africa - there are in fact only a very few practitioners in the   global art world.


What started as a hobby has now become a full time profession and clients now include corporations such as S A Breweries, Old Mutual, PPC Cement, AIRBUS, Process Automation, Shambala Lodge and LTE Holdings.  I have exhibited and sold a number of works to overseas visitors through Londolozi Private Game Lodge and at exhibitions in Montreal and Las Vegas.

My major objective is to produce a wide variety of collectable quality, fine art on leather works for the discerning admirer and as such should you wish to engage my services, my guarantee to you is that the work will reflect the highest degree of craftsmanship, expertise and attention to detail that is possible.


Collectable Art on Leather works from my studio - as seen in the Gallery - are either my own creations or they are individual custom works which have been commissioned by client’s to their specific requirements.


Please contact me for the availability and prices of current works, to discuss a commission or to arrange a visit to my studio in Northcliff, Johannesburg.

South Africa

 Alan Dent Fine Artist